Friday, March 1, 2013

Be Bonanza's Millionth User and Win a Bonanza of Prizes!

 In the next few weeks  will welcome it’s One Millionth User.
 Bonanza sellers have joined together to celebrate by giving away gift certificates and prizes to the lucky millionth user.
If you are a buyer or a seller and have not become a user on now is the time!!
Besides Bonanza being a super place to  buy and sell on,  it is also full of great people forming a wonderful community...always willing to help one another, and always  finding fun ways to make Bonanza different then the other online sites.

Sign up now and you could be the millionth user and win tons of great prizes!!!

Over 100 Participating Bonanza Sellers offering Prizes of $10 or more!
All for the One Millionth User to SIGN UP

 Truly a BONANZA of Prizes,

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