Thursday, October 14, 2010

Why PrincessGifts7

Princess Gifts 7 is more than just a name. It has great meaning and is the foundation for all of our business principles. As the founder, I am a Christian. Jesus Christ is my Lord and Savior. God is my Heavenly Father.  He is the King of Kings. And as His child, that makes me a princess.  It is my hearts desire to be a Blessing to others as a response of my gratitude for all God has done for me.  I want each and every item sold in my store to be a Blessing to the purchaser. Therefore, I consider them as gifts. a.ka. PrincessGifts.
But, why the seven? When I first started selling, the venue I was using did not have PrincessGifts available. The name had already been chosen by another seller.  Since the name had great significance to me, I was determined to use it. In my heart, I felt led to add the number 7.  It is the Biblical number of perfection or completeness.
So, in a nutshell. PrincessGifts7 means perfect gifts for you, to bless you, from a child of God!
I keep this in mind in every aspect of operating the business. I take no credit for any good that may come from it because it is not me. It is God working through me to Bless the people He Loves.

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